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What to Build With Spare Parts

What to Build With Spare Parts You�re an electronic junkie and pretty soon you just might face an intervention for your obsession with electronics. There�s nothing more satisfying to you then receiving or purchasing parts that you can build something cool. Your dream is to create a robot, but little steps first, we know. Your family thinks you have a problem. Well, you don�t feel like it�s a problem but it seems that your family and friends have taken it upon themselves to hoard your living space with spare parts for things you don�t even know what they�re for. Before you get caught off guard and find yourself on the next season of hoarders, you go through the parts and organize them, trying to figure out what to do with them and build something cool. Possibly you could turn a profit and sell it. If you have double horse 9053 parts or double horse 9101 parts. You can build a RC helicopter from scratch or any other RC toy that you may be able to build. The possibilities are endless. But! One of the coolest things you could build is radio controlled boats. If you�re capable of building them, you can build the speed to be astronomical. Who doesn�t like boats? You race them on the open waters of an ocean or lake. You can even race them in a pool in your backyard. And! You can give these as one-of-a-kind gifts!

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