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Coroplast Sheeting

Coroplast sheeting in a variety of sizes.

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Coroplast Sheeting is a corrugated plastic product with light weight and a good strength to weight ratio.

The most popular R/C hobby use of Coroplast Sheeting is making SPAD's, which stands for Simple Plastic Airplane Designs. SPAD's made of corrugated plastic became popular originally because of the low cost and availability of Coroplast Sheeting and other corrugated plastic products. Coroplast Sheeting is used in the manufacture of many signs, and if you are friends with a store owner, you can get some for free, although it will be covered in sign print and may have some ordinary wear and tear and damage, and might not be perfect since the dimensions such as width and material thickness can vary in Coroplast Sheeting.

Now that corrugated plastic SPAD design has become popular and the designs are becoming more elaborate, it makes sense to buy just the right material for the job. Our Coroplast Sheeting corrugated plastic is brand new and unprinted, and is just the right material for your SPAD or any other RC airplane project.