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Early Beginnings of Remote Control Helicopters

The very first RC Helicopter was made by Dieter Schl�ter of Germany in 1970. It took him a while to perfect it and make it look like a real one in order for it to appeal to the people. It was a single fly-bar patterned after the military model, the Bell Huey Cobra. He knew that the bigger he made it, the more people would be amused and interested. He had its first showcase during the Whitesuntide weekend, which was a 3- day extravaganza. It was in this event that many people got the chance to see the model as well as saw the demonstration of how it worked. Everyone in the area who was interested in RC Helicopters definitely made time to go during the 3- day extravaganza. It was something they looked forward to in years. Three years prior to his creation, people thought that it would take many years before something remote of a helicopter could be done, but Dieter proved them all wrong. By 1971, Dieter has started shipping out this new toy. He had made and displayed them at Toy Fairs in order to gain more exposure. Later that year, his remote toy has already reached the US, but not for sale, only to showcase. Entrepreneurs tried to convince him to sell them his model but he refused. In 1972, the first RC helicopter had made it to the UK but during the demonstration, the main rotor got thrown off, causing the RC Electric Helicopter to crash. However, they were able to fix it for the demonstration the following day. Since the model had been showcased in different parts of the world, there was a growing interest in remote toy and in the latter part of 1972, the first official helicopter competition was held in the USA. By 1973, the UK too, had decided to hold their first official helicopter competition. The idea of this competition did not get the people�s support. There was a lack of enthusiasm and barely anyone joined the competition. This was because there were not yet enough known hobbyists at that time and most models were quite difficult to maneuver. In the following years, it had spread throughout the world and more improved models were made. They had gotten more advanced and user-friendly, and more competitions were organized. With these records were broken on the longest flights that these different helicopters could do. More and more people were able to witness the exhilarating experience of flying remote control helicopters. Hence, more hobbyists have gained momentum and got hooked in the hobby. By 1975, different people came up with their own models with their own features making them unique, such as their different functions or what they were built from. The pilots of these RC helicopters had gotten more daring with what they would do with their RC helicopters. They pushed the limits and wanted to break records. They searched for Remote Control Helicopters with features that could make their toys go higher, faster, and further in order. Comparing the RC helicopters then and the RC helicopters now, one can say that these remote machines have definitely gone a long way.

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