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Easy to Intermediate: The Transition Process of Flying RC Helicopters

One might ask, is there a transition process when it comes to flying RC helicopters? There is no specified stage or requirement whatsoever in progressing from flying simple RC helicopters to the more complicated ones. There is really no transition process when it comes to flying RC Helicopters. There is no certain �thing� that can determine what your transition point would be from a very simple Radio Controlled Helicopter to a more complex one. Rather, it is your skill and the hours you put in on flying your R C Helicopter that makes you decide if you need progression or not. As a beginner, you are most likely to start- off with an electric one because this is the simplest kind available in the market and the most convenient to operate. Once you have started out with this, you start to get the hang of it until it becomes somewhat boring. The more complex ones begin to be more appealing, hence the urge to try one! However at this point, it is likely that you are still not aware of the different functions, parts, flying combos and type of engines. Maybe, all you care about is that you know how to fly it. Once you have mastered the art of flying, you will probably move on to either a Gas or Nitro RC helicopter. These are the more complicated ones. They are not so complicated that you will probably never be able to figure out, but they are obviously more complex than what you have started. Once you own a Gas RC Helicopter, you will need to learn about the different parts and their varied functions. This is because when one part breaks, you do not have to replace the entire thing, just that particular broken part. This way, you also do not spend so much on damages. These gas powered or RC Gas Helicopter can also do more flying functions as compared to what you started out. They are built to do 360-degree movements with different combinations of up, down, right, left, forward and backward. You have to understand when and how to put these controls together in order to make your RC helicopter do those certain movements. You will probably have to read up on some of it, especially the parts and the engine, in order to maintain it, but its something that if you put enough time into, you will be able to do. In addition, if you have decided to move onto a more complicated and more advanced RC helicopter from the simple one, then you are probably very interested in flying these remote mini machines. Aside from the curiosity to learn and try new things, flying the more complex ones provides a sense of pride and accomplishment. The satisfaction you get from flying your beginner RC helicopter is definitely different from what you can possibly achieve in flying more intricate and advanced ones. It is getting the feel of really flying the actual helicopter, although much smaller. If you put in enough time and interest into RC helicopters, you will not have a hard time moving on from the simple electric RC helicopter to a much more complex one. The transition, after all, will just be instantaneous.

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