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Electric RC Helicopters A Quick Tutorial

[caption id="attachment_263" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Electric RC Helicopter"]Electric RC Helicopter[/caption] These days, electric RC helicopters are the latest craze for RC enthusiasts. Both toy-grade and hobby-grade electric RC helicopters are readily available on the market to satisfy the demands of both children and adults who dream of being a helicopter pilot. And like other RC vehicles, handheld transmitters are used to control these electric RC helicopters from a formidable distance. Electric RC helicopters are best for people who want to start with this hobby. They use rechargeable battery packs to run small electric motors making them more enjoyable at relatively low prices. The simplest models you can get are the ready-to-fly RC helicopters which require no assembly and are ready to go out of the box. For the hobby-grade electric powered RC helicopter models, there are mini and micro -sized RC helicopters that can be used for flying indoors. Despite their small size, they are considered as high quality models for hobbyists. But if you love flying your RC helicopter outdoors, your best option would be to go with one of the bigger electric models. They are designed for open spaces and calls and can better withstand outdoor conditions. You will find a multitude of electric RC helicopters these days. For the most part, they are classified into 3-channel RC helicopters, 4-channel RC helicopters and 6-channel RC helicopters. The models that belong to the 3-channel category are the easiest to fly and highly recommended for beginners who want to practice controlling the movement of RC helicopters. They are designed for indoor use. The movements for such helicopters include left/right, up/down, hovering and landing movements. The 4-channel RC helicopters are also excellent for novice RC pilots. Because they are easier to control, any novice will have a positive learning experience with models under this category. They are mainly intended for outdoor use but they can also be used indoors if there is sufficient space. Expert RC pilots find 6-channel models ideal for flying because they allow more complicated movements and stunts. They are considerably more advanced compared to models under the 3-channel and 4-channel categories. With the steady improvement in electric RC helicopter technology, RC enthusiasts can enjoy their electric helicopters more and more. Nitros may have the reputation of longer flight times, but with the right combination of brushless motors and lithium batteries, electric models now have the power to match the flying times and power of their nitro counterparts. This fact counters the common misconception that ALL electric RC models are at a disadvantage to their nitro counterparts. When purchasing RC helicopters, you have to take note that size matters. Larger helicopters can sometimes be easier to fly than the smaller models, but if you�re just looking for something to play with, a mini is probably the way to go. Another important consideration is the availability of parts because after flying for a while, regardless of how skilled you are, crashing is inevitable. And if you are not able to get these parts when needed, your RC helicopter will just end up as a useless decoration or paperweight. Due to the increasing demand for electric RC helicopters, parts of these models are made available to the local and international markets. Parts can be easily ordered from stores or online sources. And above all, the competitive prices of electric models make them more gratifying to people who love RC helicopters.

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