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Free RC Airplane Plans

OK, so you have purchased your Depron. The next Step is to decide what to build. Here we have compiled a list of links to free RC airplane plans. Typically the designers only allow personal use of these designs. Happy Building!

Sites Offering Free RC Airplane Plans

AeroFred Giant database of foamie plans.
3D Foamy Great site with free plans perfect for 6mm Depron.
Nano Planes Plans for the Shark.
Eflight Wiki Growing website with tons of plans and info.
FoamFly.com The Complete Collection of GPW
Foamy Factory One of our Wholesalers! Great planes, check out the site!
Foamieplans.net Free RC Foamies Plans
Rcplans Free RC Airplane Plans

RCGroups Plans

The following free RC airplane plans are designed by individuals on www.rcgroups.com. So, you may have to search through the threads to find the post containing the plans. However, most of these threads are build logs of some kind and should provide plenty of insight into each airplane.




24" SU27/Eagle Duo Davereap Profile Jet
30" Ultimate (ish) Mr. Flash Full Fuse Biplane
4F-51 Fat Floppy Foamie Gene Bond EPP Fun Fly Design
4-S Bipe Gene Bond 3D Bipe
4Q UAVPilot Hydro Foam Plans
A Hovering Machine UFly Flat Foamy
Amos Moses Ewo 3D Foamy
Avro Vulcan Davereap Foam Jet
AZ Shrike AZ Astro Foam Racer
Big Nasty Waterdog Full Fuse 3d Acrobat
Bipie Chara Cute Little Biplane
Bird Dog Thatovalguy Profile Bird Dog
Blu-109 Kdahlhaus Profile ME-109
Blu 51cd Gene Bond P-51 Foamy
Blu Beagle Gene Bond Pusher/ Trainer
Blu Cub2 Gene Bond Full Fuse Piper Cub
Blu DC-3/C-47 Twin Gene Bond Profile DC-3 or Conversion for a C-47
BlueCor/Fanfold sorta Grumman Goose Vyceroy Very cool Grumman Goose design!
comBAT Kram242 Clever design to save the prop in combat sessions
Combat Plane Flybike FFF Pusher
Das Ugl-e-stick Pmjass Foamy Version of the nitro Ugly Stick
Depron Duplex Delta Prop-er Very unique 2 wing design
Desert Hawk Tony65x55 1:1 scale Desert Hawk
Dirty Dees Bi-Plane Thatovalguy Cool 3D biplane
Double Edge FlynAZ 3D machine
Eurofighter Blackrat Foam Jet
Extra 300 Ewo Profile Extra 300
F-14 Profile Propjet Glovesave39 F-14 Profile Jet
F-15 Shock Flyer Depron Dave F-15 Profile Jet
F-16XL Profile Propjet Glovesave39 F-16 Profile Jet
Fanfold Fun Jet Thatovalguy EDF Jet
Fanfold TBF Avenger Juscuz OR Profile Avenger Foamy
Flying Wing Davereap Really neat wing design
Fokker DR1 Pmjass Outdoor Version of the DR1
Fokker DR1 Pmjass Indoor Version of the DR1
Fokker DR1 Jetset44 The Baron
Full Fuse Foam P-51 Mustang RicoJ CAD Designed P-51
Gee Blu Gene Bond Wacky Fun and Simple Build
Glostick Night Flyer Design UAVPilot Design for a night flyer
Got Amit Bipe Ewo 3D Bipe
Gym Blu Gene Bond Simple parkflyer
Gym BluX2 Gene Bond 2mm Indoor Bipe!
Harpy Cat Chara Awsome Pusher Jet
Hooter Jerbear Two winged foamy
Hydro-Plane Prop-er free Hydro plane plans
Infineon Mr. Flash Foam pattern Bipe!
Lanell FlynAZ 3D Machine
Little Go Bipe Magic612 3D Bipe
Manta Racer Shakystick Foamy Canard
Micromoth Chris 3D Tiny Tigermoth
Micro Pitts Chris 3D PDF plans for a Micro Pitts
Mini 3D EPP Sloper Steve 3D EPP Machine
Miss Hangar One Hydrofoam Red Plans for another Hydrofoam, tiled
Nasty Waterdog Profile 3D plane
P-40 Warhawk Mikeythev Foam P-40
ParkBipe Photon Depron Biplane
Profile 4 Channel Supercub kf2qd Cub Parkflyer
Rafale XL Prop-er Large Depron JET!
SE5a Thatovalguy Plans for the SE5a
Sidewinder Missle Stringfly Fly a missile! Plans for the sidewinder
Silent Mite soundman EPP 3Der
Simple Corsair Jerbear Profile Corsair
Simple Wing Jerbear Foam wing for the J-250 motor
Soma Bipe Thatovalguy 3D Bipe
STC Waterdog Profile highwing trainer
ST AP Plane Waterdog The STC converted to carry a camera
Stewart Little Bi-Plane Thatovalguy It is the Stewart Little Plane!
StingRay lenniegordo Depron version of the Stryker
STS Seaplane/Airplane Waterdog The Famous ST on floats
Super F-16 Ewo Pusher F-16
The Hoot Crvogt quick build in/out flyer
The KFM Wing Thatovalguy Kline-Fogleman modified Wing
The Mobius Minifly Interesting design
Twinax V2 Photon Pusher Jet
Yak 54 Gene Bond 3D Yak

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