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UHU por

UHU por Glue


UHU por (same as UHU Creativ)



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A 1.4oz Tube of UHU por Glue (exact same formula as UHU Creativ, that was a 1.1oz tube) which specifically designed to bond foams, foils and other plastics. Dries clear. How to use: Apply the adhesive evenly to both parts. For large areas, apply an even thin spread with a spatula or other flat tool. Leave the parts separate until dry to the touch, approximately 5 - 10 minutes. Then press the parts together exactly as you want them to remain. Hold in position for a few moments. For porous materials like paper, wood, etc, you can apply to one surface and join immediately.SORRY! FAA REGULATIONS PROHIBIT THIS PRODUCT FROM BEING SHIPPED OUTSIDE THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. IT CAN BE SENT TO AREAS OF CANADA WHERE GROUND SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS ISSUE.

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