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Knowing Your Stuff Majority of people jump head first into the RC toy world with little to no knowledge about the products. Some couldn�t even tell you the difference between and remote controlled and radio controlled product. For people who consider RC toys their world and hobby, it can be very stressful when newbie�s jump onto the scene with eagerness but not a lot of knowledge on hand. When this happens, newbie�s can end up purchasing the wrong type of RC toy or purchase parts that aren�t compatible with their make and model, and then wonder why it won�t work anymore. So, if you don�t want to be deemed as a newbie, take some time to learn before jumping straight on in with your head. Esky big lama parts are designed for Esky Big Lama helicopters. They are one of the most popular outdoor helicopters there is on the market! Their parts can be compatible with other high end helicopters, but do your homework to know exactly which ones are compatible with the Esky Big Lama. They could work in lower-end RC helicopters, but because the quality is cheaper it might be designed slightly different. rc boats are for individuals that want a different pace of things. Just like flying a RC helicopter pretty much where ever you want, you can race your RC boat just about anywhere with a body of water. Now double horse 9100 parts are for the awesome Double Horse helicopters. Since it�s a 9100, the parts may not be compatible with another Double Horse helicopter, but check around first because they just might be.

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