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Depron: get it while it lasts!

For over a decade, RCFoam has been proud to supply the US market with Depron foam, a brand of closed cell XPS imported from Europe.

Regretfully, Selit, the manufacturer of Depron brand foam, has communicated their intentions to quit supplying the hobby industry with consistent, high quality foam. The reason stated is that their production facilities are at 100% capacity manufacturing flooring foam, a market where quality and consistency are not important.

This information was provided to RCFoam as part of dealing with a recent shipment of Depron that contained a slight curve throughout the entire shipment. Consequently, all 6mm White Depron currently available has a slight curve in it, and the 1mm White Depron also has a less uniform finish compared to the traditional product.

Historically RCFoam has not sold Depron unless it meets specific quality targets. However, since there is no traditional quality 6mm Depron available, we are offering the slightly curved foam for sale. We have added "Slight Curve" to the product titles to make sure there is no confusion. It is possible to flatten the curved Depron using flattening techniques located HERE and other techniques available through internet searching. Once the slightly curved Depron is gone, it is unlikely that it will be available again.

For many people, including us at RCFoam, this information is catastrophic. Many small business owners have built their business or production around high quality Depron and some of them will have no choice but to close up shop. If there were anything we could have done to prevent this situation, we surely would have.

As a replacement for Depron, we are pleased to offer Value XPS, another brand of closed cell XPS that is manufactured in the United States. Many customers have already changed to Value XPS due to the lower cost per square foot. Check it out here: Value XPS

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