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Tips from the Pro for the Newbie: Get a Simple RC Helicopter

The perfect remote control helicopter for a beginner would be the Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade. You do not want your first R C Helicopter to be big and complicated with too many functions. Most often than not, you would want to settle for a lighter, more convenient and quick to fly. If you spend a lot on RC helicopters and if you are not too familiar with the functions or how to steer it, you may crash or worse, cause damage to it � a very impractical way to start. Most people usually start- off with the Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade RC helicopter. They eventually develop their hobby and upgrade into bigger, more complicated RC helicopters, with more functions. The Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade is not that simple an RC that you can get at any toy store, neither is it so complicated that it will take you forever to figure out or even be able to use it. It is just perfect for those who are starting out because the helicopter has individual parts that you can purchase and replace whenever needed. This means that since you are simply beginning, there are possibilities of crashes and hard landings. There is no need to replace the entire helicopter. You simply need to purchase the broken part and replace just that. The parts are easy to find and they are not as expensive as the RC Helicopter Parts. A beginner is expected to experience some crashes along the way or hits a few times. If you have this one, you would not have to spend so much on parts or on changing the entire thing since it has fair prices. The difference with these RC helicopters and toy helicopters is that, although they are almost as easy to fly, they are larger in size, which means more control is needed. They also have complete flying functions of up, down, turn, forward, backward, sideways and hovering. As easy as this is to fly as compared to the more complex RC Helicopters, the skills you learn from flying is still very much helpful. You have nothing to lose but so much to learn. The skills will always be there and will forever be yours to keep. At the same time, your skills can be used once you move on to the single rotor hobby grade RC helicopters. Another thing that makes this perfect for beginners is the stability that the double rotors give them. They spin in opposite directions canceling out the imbalance that the other may have, making it easier for you to maneuver. The Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade is pretty much a starting point for people who want to get themselves into Electric RC Helicopters. They don�t have to spend too much on it, and at the same time they can learn all the basics that they will need to know when they move on to bigger and more complex RC Helicopters. So if you�re a beginner and you ask a long-time RC helicopter pilot what you should start with, no doubt, they will definitely tell you to start with the Micro Coaxial Hobby Grade .

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